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Mobile Locker takes the hassle out of managing your sales team—providing what they need, when they need it:
  • Your reps get easy access to the correct version of sales aids, presentations, forms, and more—even without Wi-Fi.
  • Your managers get a streamlined platform to add, remove, and distribute content in just a few clicks.
  • Your analysts get meaningful insights from user reports, form data, and activity tracking.

It's one app to keep your sales team in sync, your customers engaged, and your content effective. And getting started is easy! Sign up and deploy in minutes—no credit card needed.

Rich Content

Interactive Content

Stand out from the sales crowd with content that delights your customers.

  • Easily activate your sales collateral and digital content
  • Display any type of content: PDFs, Word, PowerPoint, HTML5, forms, videos, surveys, animations, and more
  • Simple and beautiful interface
  • Have more professional interaction that engages your customers and closes more sales

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Make smarter business decisions with content usage tracking and real-time analytics.

  • Track every step of every interaction with prospects and customers
  • Easily monitor how your sales reps use each piece of content in real time or export data for a closer analysis
  • Access insightful dashboards and reports to constantly improve your content and customer interactions
  • Be a more informed, data driven sales force

Powerful Admin Tools

Powerful & Easy Admin Tools

Get everything done from one simple but powerful admin portal.

  • Always keep your sales team up to date
  • Easily push out team-wide content and updates and remove outdated materials
  • Simply track exactly what each person does with the sales collateral in the app

Forms and data capture

Customizable Forms

Effortlessly collect, save, and send any type of form data, anywhere.

  • Simple form functionality lets you capture data from anyone, anywhere - like surveys from expo booth visitors or questionnaires from physicians in working hospitals
  • Using a single app, your reps can collect and send information right from the field - even offline
  • Easily build the customized form you need to collect the right data every time.

Offline Access

No Wi-Fi? No problem. Access all the right content in one place, on multiple devices.

  • Simply provide instant access to everything your team needs for an impressive meeting
  • Automatic syncing means no more manual updates or last-minute email reminders, and offline access keeps meetings on track anywhere.
  • Available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

Built for teams of all sizes.

Start with 30 days for free.

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billed monthly

Simple pricing

No hidden fees or expensive add-ons, just one fully featured plan.

Annual discounts

Save 14% by paying annually.

No long-term contracts

Monthly or annual billing, cancel anytime.

  • Automatically push updates
    The most recent and relevant content will always be on your team's tablets, laptops, and phones.
  • Interactive forms and surveys
    Fill in forms and surveys, and send the results to your CRM or any other system.
  • Unlimited storage
    Upload all of your company's collateral. Seriously.
  • Powerful analytics
    Measure which content works. Track who does what, when.
  • Users and groups
    Organize your team into groups, and distribute the right content to the right people.
  • Manage material release/expiry
    Schedule the release and expiration dates of your material and let our app handle the rest.
  • Access anywhere - online or offline
    Apps for iOS, Windows, Mac, Android, and the web.
  • Email sharing
    Send collateral via email and get notified when your customers view it.
  • Customized branding
    Add your branding colors, logos, and icons.
  • Training and onboarding
    We'll train your team, but they'll probably just get it.
  • Single Sign-On
    No password required — log in with Okta, Salesforce, Google, or Microsoft Office 365.
  • Salesforce integration
    Log call notes directly to so you can connect marketing activities to sales.
  • API developer access
    It's your data, do what you want with it.

Designed for seamless and secure integration into any organization

Mobile Locker benefits every member of your team, from management and sales to IT and HR.

Connect to any CRM
Connect to any CRM.

You know what’s best for your company, and we let you make those decisions. Our API works with any CRM or other system through webhooks.

Develop in-house content
Develop in-house content.

We give you independence to build your own presentations, forms, and materials in HTML5. Work with your company's preferred developers, or contact us to help you out.

Use with any team, large or small
Use with any team, large or small.

Mobile Locker seamlessly scales up or down to meet the needs of any-sized organization. Whether you have a few users or a few hundred, you get the same powerful features.

Protect your data
Protect your data.

Mobile Locker keeps content secure with 256-bit SSL encryption. Plus, you can immediately remove access if someone leaves, or a device is lost or stolen.

Organize content and user permissions
Organize content and user permissions.

Sort content by tags and manage user permissions so that the right people always find the right content.

Easily import/export data for analysis.
Easily import/export data for analysis.

Monitor your performance by using webhooks and APIs to import or export data about interactions, content, and users. It’s your data—we let you take it with you and send it anywhere.

Ready to get started?

By eliminating the need to constantly push out email updates and manually track customer data, engagement, and retention, Mobile Locker frees up your sales reps and managers so they can do what they do best.

See where your team can take you with Mobile Locker.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've got answers to your most common questions

What is Mobile Locker?

Mobile Locker is a cross-platform app that simplifies the process of managing your sales team. Through a single app, your reps can access, display, and submit content—presentations, forms, PDFs, videos, and more—both online and off. Each user can install the app on up to 2 devices (iPhones®, iPads®, Android, Macs, PCs), so they'll always have the right stuff in the right place. Mobile Locker's admin portal lets you easily manage user permissions, send content updates, organize content in folders, and review the performance of each piece of collateral.

How does the free trial work?

Our free trial is simple; just enter your name and email to create an account—no credit card, no obligation. Once you've signed up, you'll gain immediate access to Mobile Locker for 30 days, so you can try out its features for yourself and discover how it can benefit your organization. During this period, you'll have full access to the admin portal, where you can upload content and add up to 5 users. After days, just log in to choose a monthly or yearly plan for purchase.

Is Mobile Locker only for salespeople ?

Not at all! It can be used by teams who attend trade shows, by people who administer surveys or collect other types of in-field data, or by employees who frequently travel to areas without stable internet connections. Any group that uses iPads, iPhones, Macs, or PCs on the go can benefit from Mobile Locker’s ease of use, automatic syncing, and fully featured offline capability.

Is this app just for pharmaceutical or healthcare companies?

No. Although it's used by health care companies around the world to do eDetailing and display interactive visual aids, Mobile Locker is useful for any organization with members who need hassle-free access to presentations, forms, and other interactive content anywhere. If you’re having to send manual updates and attachments to your team by email, Mobile Locker is for you.

Will Mobile Locker integrate with my company's CRM and other applications?

Definitely! Mobile Locker connects directly to so you can record sales activities and measure the impact of your marketing on revenue. If you use a different CRM, no problem. We can connect it with any CRM or other system because of its powerful developer API.

How do I create interactive presentations in Mobile Locker? Do you make them for us?

Mobile Locker supports a wide variety of content: PDFs, Word docs, PowerPoint presentations, videos, animations, and anything in HTML. If you've already paid for or created content for your team, just upload the files to the admin portal to continue using them. You won't need to change file formats or make new versions.

You also don't have to rely on us to make or add anything for you—you're 100% free to build your own content and to work with your own developers on your schedule. If you do need some help, though, we're happy to do that too. Just shoot us a message with your request.

Does Mobile Locker work on a Mac or a PC?

Yes! We have apps for:

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